Fiordland: Drifting voices from deep down the track, 700x900mm, oil on canvas, $2900 (exhibited in 'Competitive Advantage' curated by Wendy Richdale, at the Calder & Lawson Gallery 2017)

Untitled landscape V, 200x250mm, oil on canvas, sold

Refraction, oil on 300gsm Britannia, 1200x2650mm.  Click here for more images and information about the work.

Routeburn Track: Pausing, anticipating in the silence, oil on canvas, 700x900mm

Untitled landscape III, 300x300mm, oil on canvas

  Routeburn Track_Soaking in the rainforest , 1200x1200mm, oil on canvas 

Routeburn Track_Soaking in the rainforest, 1200x1200mm, oil on canvas 

Walking in the bush: Fiordland, oil on canvas, 800x1000mm

Routeburn Track:  When you listen it's alive with sound, oil on unstretched canvas, 1650x1860mm (shown at the Calder & Lawson Gallery, 12th October-8 December 2017) SOLD

untitled, oil on 300gsm Britannia, 1200x1800mm, 2017

Voices in the Land, oil on canvas, 300x600mm  (selected for the Hibiscus and Bays Art Award 2017)

Epoch, 300gsm card, ink, gesso, 1200x1000x600mm

Untitled landscape VI, 200x250mm, oil on canvas