Metamorphic I,II, III, IV

Limited edition giclee prints on Iford archival textured cotton rag, edition of 75, 150x270mm, $120 each (hover above each image for titles)


These images are a series of work that come from a sculptural piece that I made in Whaingaroa Raglan. 

As part of my painting practice, I take information directly from the landscape sites that Iā€™m interested in.  One way I did this was to take texture rubbings or wrappings from the rocks at Manu Bay, in an effort to capture the likeness of the site.  And from these paintings I made a sculptural work which I have then photographed to reference the natural fall of light and shadow, which are where these prints have come from. 

These works play with distance and perspective, and represent ideas of the landscape; mountain peaks, valleys, ice, and water.