Masters Project 2018/2019

Currently I'm undertaking a Master of Arts (painting) through Wintec, Hamilton, New Zealand.  I'll use this page to discuss modes of practice and cultural debate relating to my project, as well as philosophical issues that shape the experience of contemporary painting.

At the moment my project is about constructing images of landscapes familiar to me from my past and present that evoke a sense of the likeness of a place or landscape, represent my experiences and memory of place, and show tactile interactions and direct contact with the sites.

The In-between

Some paintings have something about them that gives a sense of place. I’m interested in exploring paintings that that have this going on.


Paris & America & Painting

What the work of Claude Monet and some American Abstract painters working in the 1950s have in common


Stories from Summer School at the Slade

Expanded Field of Drawing course, Slade School of Fine Art Summer School, University College London, August 2018


Greenberg, Rosenberg, & Abstract Expressionism